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Rubie's Child Slytherin Skirt Harry Potter

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True Colors  It's OK. You don't need to hide it from us. Your common room is a dungeon, your ghost is the Bloody Baron, and your colors are green and silver. Your animal is the serpent and you may even be able to speak parseltongue (though we kind of hope not). You're a Slytherin! We think that's great. We mean, sure, a few Slytherins have kind of given your house a bad name. OK, more than a few. But you look like a sharp, bright young witch with powerful magic, a drive for success, and a cunning mind. And we think this Child Slytherin Skirt belongs in your school trunk!  Far from bashful, you should feel proud as your strut through the Hogwarts halls in this licensed look. Whether you wear it to potions or you sport it trick or treat on All Hallows Eve, this skirt is bound to snake its way right into your heart as your most beloved clothing item.   Product Details  This short A-line skirt features panels of silver and green checkered patterning, along with the Slytherin house crest. It looks great paired with school robes, a Hogwarts sweater, or Slytherin socks!  (Green and) Silver Lining  So don't hide your Slytherin ways, show them off. After all, Harry was almost sorted into your house for his "certain disregard for the rules." You share a lot of great qualities with "the boy who lived." Now go out there and write your own magical story!  - Skirt

  • Polyester
  • Child size pleated skirt, black with Hufflepuff patch and House colors inset
  • IMPORTANT: Costumes are sized differently than apparel, use the Rubie’s Child Size Chart MEDIUM, skirt is 12" long
  • Officially licensed Harry Potter costume item, look for authentic Warner Bros. logo on packaging
  • Also available in Adult size, makes a great group, family, or friend costume look
  • Rubie's has Harry Potter costumes and accessories in sizes and styles for the entire family, as well as fun décor items for year-around magic