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Ez Fx Open Wound Kit - CSEZ165

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You will send others running when they catch sight of you wearing this gruesome special effects injury! The Open Wound EZ FX Kit will give you a horrifying circular wound perfect for your next zombie walk or costume party. This special effect wound kit comes with a lightweight latex appliance, spirit gum adhesive, and fake blood. This flesh-colored latex exposed injury looks stomach-churningly realistic. Combine it with makeup to create a horror costume ideal for haunted houses or the theater.This item cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from its original packing.Key Features:Includes latex appliances, spirit gum adhesive, and fake bloodComes with instructions for applyingCreates realistic wound special effectsPerfect for zombies and horror costumesIdeal for Halloween, haunted houses, theatrical performances, and costume parties

  • Realistic movie style makeup and prosthetics. Includes Blood, the prosthetic, spirit gum, makeup and instructions.